DIY Poo Spray with Essential Oils

There’s enough talk of fear nowadays of using the public restroom.Add avoiding it for fear of your bowel movement and it’s just overwhelming.

Do you love to stay fit and work out but hate to go #2 in public restrooms? That makes 2 of us! This DIY poo spray will take some of your poopaphobia (my term for fear of pooping in public) away.

Digestion is an important part of your overall health but potty talk is something we often avoid.

I dread going poop away from home. As a child I would hold it all day at school and this isn’t good for your digestion or your body. Along comes Crossfit and that was all out the window! They’re not joking when they say the WOD works your total body and gets things moving, which is good, but means a toilet is definitely in your near future.

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I discovered Poopourri at a local boutique while shopping for Christmas gifts a few years ago.


Problem: I paid $11.99 for a small bottle. It was fine to use once in a while or as a cute decoration in my restroom but once I was using it often it added up.

Here’s a DIY version of the poo spray that’s much less expensive. There are many great versions on the web. I make mine with what I have on hand so I’m more likely to make it. (Hence the duct tape from my girls’ crafting bin).

You can also play with the combo and amounts of essential oils you use for this. I’ve seen some recipes that also use a glycerin soap or alcohol

You’ll need:

1 to 2 oz. spray bottle (glass is best but I used the plastic one I had)

Distilled Water to fill your bottle

1 to 2 tablespoons rubbing or denatured alcohol

15 to 20 drops of lemon essential oil

10 drops of bergamot essential oil

10 drops of orange essential oil


1. Add above to your bottle

2. Give it a good shake.

3. Spray in toilet BEFORE you go poo and it creates a barrier to keep odor inside.

Now go work out and leave your poopaphobia at the door but don’t forget to take your  DIY poo spray with you to ease your fear and use that public restroom!

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  3. Shelbee on the Edge on 05/24/2017 at 5:32 AM

    Such a great post! I love that you are discussing these fears that many people have! I do not have a problem pooping in a public restroom, however. I figure that’s what restrooms are there for and if I have to poop, then thank goodness there is a restroom! Poop away, my friend! Poop without fear!


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