Quick and Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

Looking for a quick and easy gift your kids can help you make? Make a DIY Essential Oils bracelet. We love bracelets and essential oils so this was an easy decision to make for our teachers, coaches and my mom for Mother’s Day.

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Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

I ordered these bracelets from Ezzy to Eden’s Etsy shop and the girls and I loved them. The lava rocks are perfect for dipping into your favorite essential oil and carrying it with you without applying it to your skin.

We wanted to make our own to put that extra love into our gifts and also save money because we needed to make so many!

My girls are 12,10, and 7 and all of them were able to make participate. I had to help my youngest tie the cord at the end but the rest she completed on her own.

Beads are small and can be a choking hazard. Any child participating in this should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

As our kids grow older it’s challenging to find crafts they enjoy. My post DIY MOM and ME Journal has another great idea to make together.

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets


8 mm beads of your choice

8 mm lava beads

Stretch Magic ( I used 1 mm so it’s a more durable size)



Essential Oil of your choice


  1. Measure your wrist. I usually just place the Stretch Magic one and a half times around my wrist or the wrist of person I’m making it for.
  2. Cut at determined length and stretch the cord tightly to avoid stretching later.
  3. Tape one end of cord to your surface. (Some knot the end to keep beads from falling off. Do what is comfortable for you.)
  4.  String beads onto the cord. We used 22 beads for adults bracelets.
  5.  Carefully hold one end while removing your tape and double knot the cord.

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

6. Be sure to pull tightly on the cord for a secure knot then cut the excess as close as possible to the knot.

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

To add essential oils to your bracelet, put a drop onto a plate and dip the outside part of the lava rocks into the oil. Add more essential oils as necessary.

Gifts made by you are so special and even better when they’re inexpensive and your children can help make them. I’d love to hear if you try to make your own essential oils bracelet for a gift.

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